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Loyalty Points & Rewards

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017 09:23AM UTC
  • Go to the Messaging & Marketing drop down menu and select Loyalty Points Rewards Setup.

  • First, set up how you want loyalty points to be rewarded. In the Options part of the Loyalty Points Rewards Setup box, you can select from two options.
  1. Use the loyalty points defined for each product or service when calculating the loyalty points earned on a ticket = This requires you to go to the products and/or services that you wish to assign loyalty points to and setting them up in each of these accordingly. Salon Iris will then assign those points when a client purchases that product and/or service.
  2. Base the loyalty points earned on a ticket on the subtotal of the ticket = This option allows you to assign any number of points to a value spent in the business. For example, if this is set to 1 point for every £5 spent, then a £10 service would mean that client would receive 2 loyalty points to their name.

  • Make sure to tick the box for I would like Salon Iris to notify me of the rewards a client is eligible for when creating tickets as this helps to make sure your clients are rewarded when possible to do so.

  • Now you need to add the rewards that are going to be available to your clients. Click Add in the top right hand corner of the Loyalty Points Rewards Setup box.

  • In the Loyalty Point Reward box, under Points, you need to assign how many points are needed to obtain this reward. Under Reward you can assign whether this reward will be a product or a service, or alternatively a monetary discount. Finally, the Tax section allows you to decide if you want to base your tax on the subtotal before or after a discount has been applied (For example, if a ticket has a value of £20 but the client has a £5 discount reward, you can decide whether tax is worked out on the original £20 total, or the post discount total of £15)

  • Click Save.
  • This will add the reward to your Rewards Table. You can add as many rewards to this table as you like.

  • From now on when you create a ticket, it will tell you how many points that client has and list which rewards are available to them.

  • ​To redeem a reward, in the ticket screen, select Special, followed by Loyalty Points, and finally Redeem Loyalty Points.

  • From the Loyalty Point Rewards for *Client Name*, highlight the reward you wish to redeem and press OK.

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