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Setting Up & Running Payroll

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017 09:36AM UTC


  •  Select the Accounting drop down tab from the top of Salon Iris, then select Payroll Configuration

  • First of all, you need to decide what type of Commission System you will use. There are two options;

1. Use Single Commission System (Recommended) -  This is used when you want to reward the person who performs a service or sells a product that qualifies for commission.

2.  Use Dual Commission System - This system is used if you want to set a commission difference between when a service is sold vs when a service is used. (I.E. You may wish to reward the person who has pre sold a service, as well as the person who performs the service too). You can then set the 'Commission when purchased' in the services section of Salon Iris (see below)

  • You can now work down the list of settings for your payroll. Under Setting, you need to decide if which columns you want included when you run your payroll, and also how you want the employees hours worked to be recorded. You can set this as either Prompt (when you run Payroll, it will ask you to enter the amount of hours they have worked) or Time Clock (this is only relevant if you are using the Time Clock built in to Salon Iris)

  •  Under Income, you need to set whether your employees have a salary (which is a fixed Yearly amount) or Hourly (rate of pay is per hour) rate.
  • Next set whether there are any income adjustments that need to be added and whether tips are claimed through the software itself (only relevant if you process your tips through tickets in the software)

  • Under Product Commissions and Service Commissions, you can set the level of commission that employees will earn when selling services or products that qualify. You can set this three ways. Off means this employee would earn no commissions at all. You can set it based on a percentage of the total that employee has sold, or you can create a table and set out a more structured commission system based on value ranges.

  •  If adding a table, you can set the commissions on price ranges that the employee themselves sells. For example (see below), when selling products that value less than £250, the employee would earn no commission. From £250.01 up to £350, they would earn 5% of the products they have sold, and so on.

  •  You can now set an deductions that are relevant to the payroll. These can include things like a rental fee if they are a chair renter, healthcare or anything like that. Set them accordingly.

  •  Once you have set the Payroll Configuration up for all of your employees, then click OK to save this.
  • Select Accounting from the top of Salon Iris and select Calculate New Payroll

  •  Select whether you want to Run Payroll & Save ResultsRecalculate a previous payroll and save results or Run a practice payroll and do not save results.

  • If running a New Payroll, you will need to set a Pay Date for when the payroll you are running will be paid to your employees.

  • Now select the Date Range for the payroll itself. If you have run payroll previously, it will automatically set itself to go from the day after that payroll was run.

  •  Finally, set the hours your employees have worked for the period you are doing your payroll for (this will be set by your Time Clock if you have this set in your software)

  • This will now give you a completed Payroll for the date range you selected. This can be printed or exported as a .txt file. You can also double click into categories for more information on that categories.

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